My life has been around sports from track and field to becoming a professional footballer at a young age. I played professional football for over 10 years and that alone helped me get introduced to various forms of intense training and fitness methods to maintain good condition and form to play effectively in every game.


During these years, I have had the pleasure of also being coached by top fitness trainers which paved way to my understanding of the fitness world.

I have also been coaching and still coaching teenagers as a football coach and it has been amazing.

I have had passion for healthy living, fitness and coaching my entire life so becoming a Personal Trainer was natural choice for me. It is an avenue for me to teach and educate people about my passion for healthy living.

I specialize in weight management (Fat loss & muscle toning) and cardio fitness and my training philosophy is to motivate, encourage, inspire, educate and assist clients to achieve their goals, in a progressive, enjoyable, safe and effective manner.

Step 1: Free consultation

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Step 1:

Free consultation

This is the beginning of your journey where we would start by booking a 60 minutes free consultation time either over the phone or via my website or Facebook page . This way we have the opportunity of meeting and i make assessment of your goals , needs , lifestyles , previous training experience , family , time management , diet and profession . These data enables me to know how well i can be able to help you in a more convenient manner , more efficiently and also able to make programs that will suit your schedules .  Furthermore , i need you to know this is a journey you don't go alone , i will be with you side by side on this journey , helping and guiding you every step of the way in person , via email or on phone .

Step 2:

Background health assessment and fitness testing

Before we begin any exercise i will have to do certain fundamental tests which are key factors regarding your physical and anatomical state  . These tests will be based on your age, gender, somatotype (body type) and lifestyle. All these helps me derive a good idea on how to proceed in making you a good plan which helps me to track your progress as we proceed . In order to begin , i will be doing the following tests :

  • Resting Heart Rate

  • Height/body weight

  • Body composition

  • BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate )

  • Muscular strength

  • Muscular Endurance

  • Flexibility

  • Posture

Step 3:


At this point i will be assessing how you spend your time before , during and after working hours . Time is the most crucial and fundamental key factor in your journey because without adequate planning and adherence to a planned program , the whole system will fail  . It is important to know if you can make time for yourself to workout and follow weekly activities which will help your goals most importantly . I will be discussing and planning with you on how well you can make time for your work , family , hobbies and given training programs which will be done in and outside the gym as well as at home

Step 4:

Nutritional analysis 

Believe it or not 70% of your success comes from your nutrition .

No matter what your goals may be if your nutrition isn't properly planned and followed , it will affect the intended goals .

My system are :

  • Assess your diet history

  • Assess your self commitment in following a planned meal

  • Check if you have food allergies or not

  • Vegetarian or not

  • Make your nutritional plan that doesn't entail starving yourself

  • Educate you on how to avoid nutritional fads     

Step 5:


There is a saying that , ' If your circle does not clap the loudest when something good happens to you , if your circle does not support you to succeed then , change your circle '.

This stage isn't about where you live or your social status but having people , family and friends who are willing to support your journey . You need to have circle of people who truly understand why you are embarking on this journey.

Sadly , we may not be able to change our family or some friends but you need to be able to STAND YOUR GROUND to be deeply focused towards your journey and your goals.

We would discuss how you manage , plan and balance your goals and your circle of friends and family that will not interfere with your goals .

Step 6:

One-to-One coaching

Now the work begins and the plan is to meet up at the gym where we begin training . My idea and system is to give goal oriented gym workouts that is targeted towards achieving your goals.


My philosophy is to teach , coach and train clients so that one day they become their own coach , having all the knowledge of right training techniques , good knowledge of all gym equipment , know when to train , how long to train and when to rest .

Above all ,  i help all my clients to develop mental strength to be able to push themselves to workout in the gym and  live a healthy lifestyle and the dream is that all my clients at some point are able to be their own trainers as they will learn from me all the training methods , how to use the gym equipment, understand the system behind nutrition , know when and how to train .