My waist line and weight all reduced in 4 months .

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

Sirkku Mertaniemi

I've lost 26 cms from my waist line and 12 kgs in less than 4 months working with John Samuel . When I felt like quitting, John made me push harder. We are doing amazing job together, can't be nothing but grateful.

I remember the first time I met John to work out and he told me in 3 months I was going to be 10 kilos less. I thought he was only being a typical personal trainer selling his packages just to get clients... But after 8 weeks I couldn't believe my eyes what I have achieved and today in less than 4 months I have lost 12 kilos without the need to starve myself or do any challenging exercises.

John Samuel indeed is the man to go to for weight management training. Today I am happy about myself more than ever because John isn't only a personal trainer but he is a friend and training companion to all his clients and he deeply cares about them all to achieve their goals. So from me to you John, thank you for helping me to change my life. ❤️ You are the best.

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