Is it a Good Idea to Exercise On an Empty Stomach?Everything you need to know on weight loss fasting

Intermittent fasting has become an increasingly popular diet with a plethora of benefits, but the most important one include weight loss. While you may be religiously following the 16:8 ratio, you must also be working out on an empty stomach. But are there any benefits of fasting before a workout? Can it be safe to exercise on an empty stomach? Is fasting even an effective way to exercise? Here's everything that you need to know!

What Happens When You Exercise in a Fasting State?

Often, people who wake up in the morning perform cardio exercises in the fasting state. They usually do not eat anything before breakfast. It is generally because a meal takes around four to five hours to digest completely. So ideally, one would have to wait for a minimum of four hours to get the benefit of cardio. 

Benefits: When exercising on an empty stomach, the body has to rely on fat storage for energy. So many believe that fasted cardio could help decrease body fat more efficiently. However, that is not true! While exercising on an empty may help you burn 300 calories of fat, but eat an 800-calorie meal for breakfast, negates everything. However, when exercising first thing in the morning, the low insulin levels and elevated testosterone levels can help the body burn stored fat. 

Side effects: Exercising in a fasted state means that you do not have the rapidly available fuel stores for strenuous exercise. This is why you may want to stick to moderate-intensity exercises in the morning. Plus, when you do not have the energy to concentrate, you can suffer from accidents and injuries. Stop if you begin to feel lightheaded, or dizzy while working out. 

Should You Exercise on an Empty Stomach if Your are Trying to Lose Weight?

If you are trying to burn fat, fasted cardio can be useful. However, exercising can be more effective when you are fueled enough to burn. Avoid exercising on an empty stomach if you are trying to build muscle.

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