Muscle Toning

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

Tanja Tamminen

Time to rise up and get moving! 3 weeks ago started an exercise- / nutrition program planned by John Samuel. Goal is to get my shoulders and back straight, not to lose weight but to strengthen the muscles and get a proper food planning. So far I’ve noticed the energy levels risen up and being able to carry myself easier thanks to the functional and strength

training. I’m totally satisfied with a professional doing the thinking for me and a plan easy to follow!! I’ve done the gym before but without a program have to say it’s been lots time wasted!

I’m surely happy already so thanks John for sharing your health ideologies and motivating me to my goals, not letting me give up one bit! Follow John Samuel on FB: John Samuel Fitness and IG: @johnsixteenfitness Highly recommend! And also join me at the jogging roads!! 😊😁

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